UFC 259 Free Fight: Amanda Nunes vs Ronda Rousey

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UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship

8 күн мурун

Bantamweight champion Amanda Nunes defended her belt and took down one of the biggest names in UFC history when she finished Ronda Rousey at UFC 207 back in 2016. Now a two-division champion, Nunes will put her featherweight title on the line Against Megan Anderson at UFC 259 on Saturday, March 6.
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HeyBro Саат мурун
Looked like Rhonda never fought anyone in her life.
Goh Саат мурун
Julian Anthony
Julian Anthony Саат мурун
Edwin should be jailed
Ravi Singh
Ravi Singh 2 саат мурун
Dam Ronda cud not get a single good clean hit on her, not 1😱🤯LoL thats embarrassing....lookin like an angry pit bull with rabies is pointless, well it jus makes yu keep ur head down & run off crying like a sore loser after a beating like that(guess its not pointless) Ronda cud have lost with her head hi if she didn't start off mean muggin, Holly taught her to touch gloves but Amanda taught her mad doggin only makes the lose that much more emotionally painful. I'd stay away from the octagon too, stick to acting in Hollywood & in wrestling no room for acting in UFC yu jus end up bloody & embarrassed😳...sad but I dnt feel sorry at all🤷🏽‍♂️😆🤣🖕
170324341a 2 саат мурун
Rousey doesn't know how to bob and weave
gameroomtheater 3 саат мурун
Because of Amanda, getting rag dolled has meaning now
Bitter30old'Gamer 3 саат мурун
I never knew someone's head can move in all those directions.
sword of allah,yahweh
sword of allah,yahweh 3 саат мурун
man ronda your coach sucks man.
Live Free
Live Free 3 саат мурун
Ronda Rousey is to stand up fighting for biological females, as Ben Askren is to stand up fighting for Biological Greek Statues
Sacha Grant
Sacha Grant 5 саат мурун
Embarrassing stand up, non existent, awkward in every way, even when she shadow boxes is beyond shite
Marc LA
Marc LA 5 саат мурун
It will still be nice to watch in 2035
Marc LA
Marc LA 5 саат мурун
Today I realized how irresponsible was the UFC on doing this fight
praunpillar¿ 6 саат мурун
This should be on a " where are they now?" Segment
marc david
marc david 6 саат мурун
Too easy.....
highflyer011 6 саат мурун
Thank you for finally putting the greatest ass kicking in fighting history on KGpost in all of its Glory!
francisco aldaco
francisco aldaco 6 саат мурун
Amanda can look as tough as she wants but she’s still hot as hell
Adeniyi Adegbemigun
Adeniyi Adegbemigun 7 саат мурун
Damn she made her look like a random off the street lol
Ali Sohrabi
Ali Sohrabi 7 саат мурун
NoOne2You 7 саат мурун
Who is Rhonda?
Jumper RBK
Jumper RBK 7 саат мурун
She forgot she is a ground fighter and want to fight like a boxer. She fucked up.
*Freedom of speech * R have U 4gotten
*Freedom of speech * R have U 4gotten 7 саат мурун
Expendibles need you in part 4 keep yo face clean
Thomas Demayo
Thomas Demayo 7 саат мурун
Poor ronda she was once so great
Clumsy Gamer
Clumsy Gamer 8 саат мурун
Imagine if Mario Yamasaki had been the ref for this.
fernando carvalho
fernando carvalho 8 саат мурун
A expressão de Ronda mostrou bem o mêdo que sentiu pela adversária Amanda Nunes que bem brasileira fala PORTUGUÊS
Gamester 8 саат мурун
This is so satisfying,Ronda's gameplan was to block Amanda's punches with her head
Вадим Анисько
Вадим Анисько 8 саат мурун
Просто груша!
O Howard
O Howard 9 саат мурун
Bullshit, Ronda was still bobbin' n weavin' while Amanda was celebrating, still coherent. I say early stoppage.
Andrew Ashes
Andrew Ashes 9 саат мурун
Wow. Total destruction.
CHECK M8 9 саат мурун
Makes you question if rousey was as good as they advertised her. Womens mma was still really green and rousey capitilized on it until it evolved and she got exposed big time.
Lionel Sheja
Lionel Sheja 10 саат мурун
You would think Ronda knew how to move her head!! 🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️
RaiXKuro 11 саат мурун
Idk, man but I don't think Anderson is at Nunes level 🤷‍♀️ then again, anything can happen. I guess we'll see.
Dante Farmer
Dante Farmer 11 саат мурун
Its crazy that she probably can still whoop half y'all ass in these comments though frfr
Carlos Noriega
Carlos Noriega 11 саат мурун
The presentation lasted more than the fight
Densil Grant
Densil Grant 12 саат мурун
I nvr understood the hype with Rhonda claim to fame facing jobbers and cant win in actual competition.
ENES ÇİMEN 14 саат мурун
I love you ronda rousey 🇹🇷🇹🇷
T.I. Ador
T.I. Ador 16 саат мурун
Poor Joe.
T.I. Ador
T.I. Ador 16 саат мурун
The front row crowd is just dumbfounded, u can bet only time those fuckers shows up now is during Connor fights.
Alexandr Niforov
Alexandr Niforov 16 саат мурун
Да это же старьё, чё его гонять раз за разом .
Brandon Fig
Brandon Fig 17 саат мурун
Life = Amanda Nunes Me = Rhonda Rousey
Muhammad Khan
Muhammad Khan 17 саат мурун
I everyday watch the video in a hope that this time Ronda will beat Amanda.
OWA253 17 саат мурун
Ronda the punching bag
THE BOSS Sawant 18 саат мурун
Destroyed in seconds...boom boom boom
Lorenzo De Guzman
Lorenzo De Guzman 19 саат мурун
where js the angry face Ronda?
123457474869 19 саат мурун
How did she win 12 fights??
G Ayri
G Ayri 20 саат мурун
Ronda went from 👹 to 👁👄👁 real quick
nmr20067 20 саат мурун
I’m surprised Dana let them put this up.....
Bulbin star
Bulbin star 22 саат мурун
Just love to see ronda getting beat up🤣🤣🤣
Farai Maswera
Farai Maswera 22 саат мурун
Aaaaaaaaaaannnndddd Nowwwwwwwww ,lol bruve buffee is the best
DOOFY THE GAMER 22 саат мурун
She fought like someone with no experience why she just stand there and let Amanda whoop her tf?
Michael Koutsos
Michael Koutsos 23 саат мурун
To me it seemed like ronda was always a glass cannon she just didn’t need to deal with it as much in fight until holly holm head kicked the rest of her UFC career away
Edward Mendez
Edward Mendez 23 саат мурун
The memes
Toomy Conne
Toomy Conne 23 саат мурун
Now this is how you introduce a fight! Shot out to the announcer
валерий семиколенных
валерий семиколенных 23 саат мурун
Ernesto Gasulla
Ernesto Gasulla 23 саат мурун
When you see a fighter making "I'm sooo bad" faces, you know they are going to get the pounding of their lives.
M Kim
M Kim Күн мурун
Not even one punch or kick lands on Nunes Embarrassed and humiliated by the Champ
Abdou 94
Abdou 94 Күн мурун
Ronda's tough ass got whooped
palo Күн мурун
At least Ronda's cuter.
Imad Schweinsteiger
Imad Schweinsteiger Күн мурун
After first loss “ I’m gonna take a year off ” After second loss “ I’m gonna take my career off ” 😂😂😂
Imad Madridista
Imad Madridista Күн мурун
It's crazy how good Ronda Rousey was at blocking Amanda Nunes punches with her face.
lambert doctore
lambert doctore 59 мүнөт мурун
It's crazy how good you've waited for this official upload and repost this stolen comment with your account.
liluzihurt 5 саат мурун
Top tier technique it's clear she learned from that spongebob squarepants bully episode.
kevin taurisano
kevin taurisano 7 саат мурун
Just top tier non head movement there, and with amanda's help, she might be the best.
Bawston36 9 саат мурун
Nadeem Khan
Nadeem Khan 23 саат мурун
Your the MVP of the comments section 🤣🤣
Al H
Al H Күн мурун
bodys brought to you by estrogen ,them are dudes
freedomrider #1
freedomrider #1 Күн мурун
Nunes has some raw power! Ronda didn't know what happened and ran to the middle thinking she's still going lol. Which way did he go gorge.
Xeon Күн мурун
best fight ive seen wouldnt have done it better
Swoosh Sage
Swoosh Sage Күн мурун
The macabre underwear surgically scribble because input rarely announce concerning a scary skirt. foregoing, bite-sized capital
Evario Pepe
Evario Pepe Күн мурун
Amanda: what do you want for dinner? Ronda: I don’t know. Amanda: how about a knuckle sandwich
Evario Pepe
Evario Pepe Күн мурун
I look up to michael chandler
Tic Tak Toe
Tic Tak Toe Күн мурун
Amanda 👉 😡 Ronda 👉 🥴
Evario Pepe
Evario Pepe Күн мурун
I want to do UFC when I grow up I think I will be really good
Evario Pepe
Evario Pepe Күн мурун
Love this fight watched it 1 million times
Troy Boyle
Troy Boyle Күн мурун
I remember this the day it happened. We watched a straight murder.
Carlos Francis
Carlos Francis Күн мурун
When no one fears your ability or your mean mug.
mark giarrusso
mark giarrusso Күн мурун
Head movement.
Bastard Teacher
Bastard Teacher Күн мурун
still can't get over Ronda being a -175 favorite.
louie ibarrientos
louie ibarrientos Күн мурун
Im a big fan of ronda rou
louie ibarrientos
louie ibarrientos Күн мурун
Rusty Sanchez
Rusty Sanchez Күн мурун
Enjoy this free fight from 57 years ago
Jdaegger Күн мурун
People should really stop using their face as defense
Amanda Preston
Amanda Preston Күн мурун
How do you come out there acting all tough and in the first round get beat up.. to funny..
phil lower
phil lower Күн мурун
Graceless in defeat, at least say thank you for the lesson
Reece Donnelly
Reece Donnelly Күн мурун
People keep saying ronda was overrated and I agree she was a little but when she was dedicated and hungry she was incredible
DJShire Күн мурун
At the very end of the video was that Joe Rogan she hugged?
DJShire Күн мурун
40 seconds of her getting punched in the face lol. When I first saw this it looked like a rookie getting the shit kicked out of her by a clearly more experienced fighter.
M A Күн мурун
Ronda cant compete with Amanda . Amanda is at much higher level on all levels, than Ronda.
Michael Wong
Michael Wong Күн мурун
When you get your ass whooped so hard you pick up fake fighting instead.
Bonwren Taylor
Bonwren Taylor Күн мурун
Something that's literally impossible to get bored of re-watching ......& if you ever do, there's always the Rousey vs Holly Holm fight to watch .....!
Sergio Elias
Sergio Elias Күн мурун
I've seen this fight probably about 20 times Big Amanda fan here
Amanda es hombre
Mark Watson
Mark Watson Күн мурун
This proves that women can not be hit with man like power.
mayen67 Күн мурун
That was not just a win but a humiliation. Ronda looked like an amateur.
hoybastien Күн мурун
Ronda’s face got magnet to Nunez’s fists.
Ratko Milutinović
Ratko Milutinović Күн мурун
Tooo fkn easy 😂💪👊 absolutly no standup skils from Ronda😱
Billy D
Billy D Күн мурун
Where is she now? 🤔
One One
One One Күн мурун
Was Rhonda taught any boxing at all she was on her toes the whole time it looked so awkward she looked like she hadn’t been in the octagon a day in her life I mean she looks so disorganized so disorientated so clumsy like what the hell was that
Winter Blanco
Winter Blanco Күн мурун
she got hit with a "tiep" which is a kick to the ribs, it stiffened her stance up straight, watch "the weasle" on youtube for his breakdown for this fight, amanda was firing off nonstop combos that rarely ever missed and she hits like a truck, ronda is a beast for not falling down to all the punishment she took she kept herself up standing at least.
shanmank Күн мурун
Ronda like “but I wanted to hit her!”
Ahot Turnip Channel
Ahot Turnip Channel Күн мурун
Yes amanda
Michael Roberts
Michael Roberts Күн мурун
I feel like they should just name Amanda champ for life and give fifty million. I honestly don't even want to watch her pummel Meghan Anderson. Felicia Spencer beat the bag out of Meghan and we all know what Amanda did to her. It was hard to watch.
Not An Expert Mountain Climber
Not An Expert Mountain Climber Күн мурун
The good thing about ronda is she's not a feminist.
King Kang
King Kang Күн мурун
She sure dropped that "tough face" very quickly.
Valentino Mravunac
Valentino Mravunac Күн мурун
One of the worst perfomances in MMA ever by Rousey.
Nick Күн мурун
I can't believe Ronda ever even won a fight at all, right from the first bell her knees are stiff and she's bouncing around flat footed, I've never seen a professional fighter with such a terrible fighting stance. She only ever won because she attacked her opponents recklessly, once she got in the ring with people who could actually strike, the world saw just how utterly useless she was in a real fight.
khan shahnawaz
khan shahnawaz Күн мурун
It seemed like Ronda's ping was high.
Kuba ciepielowski
Kuba ciepielowski Күн мурун
her lesson in humility from Nunes and Holmes was for her disregard for the other contestants
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